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A podcast about smoking fetish

My name is Christopher G. Barnes and I run a podcast called Sexual Papaya. My next episode is going to be about capnolagnia or smoking fetish (SF for short). I’m looking for audio clips to use on the show of people talking about SF. If you are interested I would very much appreciate it if you would call my podcast hot line at 1(866) 673-0205 and leave a message. I already have enough e-mails from people, but if you need to contact anyone from the show you can do it at If you do leave a message please keep in mind that it may, and probably will, be aired on the show. Some people have elected to not use any name when identifying themselves, but we would much prefer if you would simply use a fake name. That way we can call you something.
I am the principal writer of the show and please be assured that I am going to be fair minded and non-judgmental about this topic. I don’t really consider myself to be a SFer although I do have some features of the fetish. Nor do I want to glamorize or promote smoking even though I am a smoker of over twenty-five years.
Please consider helping us out. If your not a SFer and you know of a SFer please pass this information on to them.
Thank you so much


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